Actionable Intelligence for Wildfire Management
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Response time determines whether or not a small flare-up becomes a raging inferno

The early minutes of a fire are critical, and initial response time determines the ultimate threat to lives and property. With most wildfires detected by bystanders and reported via 911, it can take hours to detect a fire, verify its exact location and size, and dispatch first responders.

“A key determinant of whether a fire ignition turns into a large and costly fire is the size of the fire when fire suppression resources arrive.”

Measuring the economic impact of early bushfire detection, ANU, March 2020

The Solution

Pano Rapid Detect is a connected, intelligent platform for fire professionals that helps them to detect threats, confirm fires, and disseminate information to responders, faster than ever before.

Pano Rapid Detect speeds response time by empowering detection specialists with enhanced visual equipment and rapid data analysis, supported by AI. Specialists have a single, unified view combining ultra-high-definition cameras, geo satellite data, field sensors, legacy cameras, emergency alerts, and other data feeds — as well as the ability to share everything in real-time with their extended team. Altogether, this makes it possible to quickly identify and contain devastating wildfires, protecting lives, property, and our forests.


Pano Stations

Pano Stations are deployed on high vantage points and continuously scan the landscape using 360-degree, ultra-high-definition cameras and artificial intelligence to spot, evaluate, and signal wildfire activity within a 15-mile radius.

Pano Station deployment in Malibu, CA


Pano uses deep learning AI and computer vision to automatically detect, verify and classify wildfire events in real time. Pano software enables real-time viewing and triage of wildfire alerts, and built-in communication tools to get information out to the field.

Pano AI detection



Rapid confirmation of potential fires matters just as much as initial detection. When Pano detects a threat from any source, it automatically alerts fire monitoring professionals and provides intelligent, auto-centered images with enhanced zoom, speeding confirmation of the event and triangulation of the exact fire location.

Image from Pano AI



Once a fire is confirmed, Pano helps fire monitoring professionals quickly disseminate information to their extended team in real time. With built-in alerts and mobile notifications, first responders always have up-to-date time-lapse imagery and key information on fire location and movement—empowering them to respond to wildfire events with greater accuracy and control.

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