Pano brings together a diverse team of technology and business experts with experience in data management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the deployment of technology solutions into organizations of all sizes—from start-ups to global enterprises, from regional organizations to national government agencies.

Our team is passionate about working with clients and stakeholders to build innovative technology solutions that combat the threat of wildfires. Environmental sustainability and resilience are core team values, and we are committed to supporting the dedicated professionals in the utility and fire industries in their efforts to protect lives, property, and livelihoods from the impact of wildfires in communities across the globe.

Sonia Kastner

Co-Founder & CEO

Arvind Satyam

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Ben Hanson

VP of Sales

Javier Cambon Sanjurjo

VP of Product and Design

Susan Sher

Head of Legal

Michael Golub

VP of Finance and Strategy

Brad Ferkol

VP of Operations

Ryan White

VP of Engineering

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We are always looking for incredible engineering, sales, and marketing talent to join our team as we grow. If you’re passionate about building climate solutions and modern enterprise products, we’d love to talk to you.

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